InteGIRLS Toronto

Our Mission

InteGIRLS is a community that allows young females and non-binary individuals to explore their passions in math and STEM in a safe and inclusive environment. Historically and currently, the STEM field is very male dominated, which can be daunting and discouraging to many young girls. By hosting math competitions and events in the GTA exclusive to girls and non-binary individuals, we hope to help bridge this gap and provide a safe space for girls and non-binary individuals to grow.

Apply now for an Executive Position at InteGIRLS Toronto

Executive applications are open for 2021-2022

Are you passionate about math, engineering, or science? Curious about STEM? Apply to be a part of InteGIRLS Toronto! Here, you will gain valuable work experience that that you can add to your resume as well as network with other like-minded individuals.

*Open to grade 9 - 12 students in the GTA

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