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Virtual Math Competition Fall 2020 Recap

Please visit Fall 2020 Math Competition to familiarize with contest structure.

First Competition Success!

After weeks of planning, the InteGIRLS Toronto team was nervous but super excited for our first ever math competition.

Everyone's hard work paid off and the competition was a success with 40+ participants, 3 guest speakers, and 4 sponsors!

Learning from this experience, we hope to reach out to more people and make our next event even better. See you next time!

Thank you to all our participants, well done everyone!

Congratulations to our Elementary School Division Winners:

Connie Zhou, Jessica Pu, Melissa Zhang, and Pritika Lahiri

Congratulations to our High School Division Winners:

Cassidy Li and Ingrid Li

Visit Past Contest Resources to view contest questions!

Thank you to our Guest Speakers!

Clare Dobbin

University of Waterloo


Alyssa Benitez

McMaster University


Rachel Ruffo

University of Waterloo

Environmental Engineering

"Even though it was my last year this year, it was still really fun. I would definitely encourage others to try as well. It was really refreshing [...] and it certainly less intimidating. It was also a really awesome experience to be able to work with others and share your ideas while problem solving together." - Participant

"I would do it again because I liked working as a part of a team and solving math problems together." - Participant

"It was difficult and got me thinking. I had fun!" - Participant

Congratulations to our Smash Kitchen Gift Card Raffle Winner: Melissa Chan

Finally, thank you to all our supporters, volunteers, and sponsors!

We hope to see you all again at new events to come!