1.What are the chapters?

InteGIRLS began as a group of girls in Washington DC and were able to start sections in other cities across America. Currently, InteGIRLS Toronto is Canada's first and only chapter, which makes us very unique. If you do not live in the GTA area but would still like to be part of InteGIRLS, you can look into other chapters closer to you or even start your own! Visit integirls.org or their instagram (@inte.girls) for more information.

2. What is the forum for?

The forum allows girls from all over the world to interact and discuss math.
Forum link: https://forum.integirls.org/login

3. What grade/level are the math contests for?

There are three divisions for InteGIRLS math competitions: elementary (grades 5-8), high school (grades 9-12), university (first year +). Anyone can compete in the puzzle contests, which are open to competitors world wide, however local math contests may be exclusive towards the high school division for the time being.

4. Can boys participate?

Although males may not participate in the InteGIRLS math competitions and events, they are welcome to join the executive team, so long that the majority of its members are female and non binary students.

5. Is the competition open to all of Canada?

Puzzle hunts are open to residents inside and outside of Canada and math competitions are open to individuals within driving distance of the location that the competition is being held.

6. How are competitions structured?

Most competitions are team based events from 3 to 6 students. Participants work together to solve math questions in the math competitions.

7. Is there a participation fee?

All competitions are completely free! We want to make contest as accessible as possible.

8. How good do I need to be at math to participate?

Anyone can participate! The level of the math problems are suitable for most members of your division.

9. How do I volunteer?

InteGIRLS Toronto will be looking for volunteers in the future! If you are interested in gaining volunteer hours and valuable work experience, you can access the application forms at https://linktr.ee/integirls.toronto or email [email protected] to express your interest. These forms will be available in the future prior to the events.